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Thank you for visiting Hot Yoga and Massage Studio. We invite you to experience the pleasure, therapy, and general well-being that are gained from experiencing Yoga.

Hot Yoga is a form of Yoga that originated in Calcutta, India. Traditional Yoga in the hot climate of Calcutta evolved into Hot Yoga, which is practiced today at our Hampton Roads Hot Yoga Studio. The room is intentionally heated to 100 degrees re-creating these conditions, helping to relax the muscles. The postures (or asana) are very unique to these methods and focus on compressing the internal organs, forcing fresh blood and oxygen to those areas. There are distinct alignment differences between hot yoga postures and similar postures that other yoga styles teach, benefiting the mind and body through processes of detoxification, stimulation, and rejuvenation.

Every student receives our personal on hand expertise to ensure correct alignment. The postures which include breathing exercises builds strength, flexibility, tones the body, and calms the mind. With a consistent practice you will lose weight while reshaping your body naturally. We have a hot yoga class schedule that accommodates everyone's busy life style.

If yoga is not your style come in for a relaxing Swedish massage from our certified massage therapists. You will not be disappointed!!

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